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Jersey Royals – April 2021 Buyers Choice

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Jersey royal potatoes

Jersey Royals

The Jersey Royal is the marketing name of a type of potato grown in Jersey which has a Protected Designation of Origin. The potatoes are of the variety known as International Kidney and are typically grown as a new potato.

First early grown for early production in Jersey. Produces yields of uniform long oval tubers. Medium – low dry matter. Firm cooked texture. Market – New season ware. Tubers. Long oval shape with yellow skins. Skin texture tough. Medium – deep eyes.

It has a unique taste that enables it to obtain a market premium over other early potatoes and this is recognised in market reports. It has the property of being able to retain its flavour for several days, although, in common with many other varieties of early potatoes, the skin greens on exposure to sunlight. While the Jersey Royal is carefully handled by packing depots the potato can stand up to some mishandling: an important factor to Island growers where the produce has to be exported by sea to its marketplace. This important attribute was clearly demonstrated to growers many years ago when for a short period other early potatoes were grown. (For many years growers have been banned from exporting in season any potatoes other than Jersey Royal to ensure its unique name is maintained).

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