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Mushrooms – June 2021 Buyers Choice

At Menu Fresh our expert Buyers highlight a particular item and provide a little more(too much) information for you to dazzle (bore) your friends. This month: mushrooms!



The mushroom is composed of two parts, the above-ground part, and the underground part. Each part has its unique function and purpose in the life cycle of a mushroom.

The 4 body parts to the mushroom –

  • Spores: seeds that act as the mushrooms reproductive system. They are usually released into the air and fall on the ground to start the life cycle of the mushroom.
  • Stem: A soft branch supporting the mushroom’s cap.
  • Gill: Located under the cap, these produce the spore of the mushroom.
  • Mycelium: This part of the mushroom is somewhere between a root, digestive system and breeding ground for spores. Mycelium networks can be most commonly seen in fairy ring mushroom colonies.

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