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Strawberries – May 2021 Buyers Choice

At Menu Fresh our expert Buyers choose a product of the month – the Buyers Choice! We then share with you some interesting facts about this product which you probably never knew, which may one day help you in that pub quiz you’ve been struggling on!

Menu Fresh strawberries


The UK season now starts mid-March until November thanks to glass house-grown suppliers. Strawberries are native to both the Old and New worlds. They have been eaten since Roman times when they were also used medicinally to help with digestive ailments, discoloured teeth and skin irritations. The strawberries available today are derived from varieties that were originally developed in the seventeenth century.

Strawberry facts

  • From a scientific and botanical standpoint, a strawberry is not a berry, but rather an accessory fruit.
  • Strawberries usually have a right red colour but can come in pinkish and white colours.
  • Strawberries are a sweet fruit, with a juicy texture and easy to recognize aroma.
  • A strawberry can have on average 200 seeds on it.
  • One cup of strawberries (168 grams) has 1 gram of protein.
  • One cup of strawberries (168 grams) has 27 milligrams of calcium, 1 milligram of iron and 254 milligrams of potassium.
  • In 2017, the entire world produced over 10 million tons of strawberries.
  • Strawberries are considered an excellent source of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

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